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    In recent years, we took the lead in putting forward the concept of "whole life cycle service", and took the transformation from production-oriented to production-oriented service as the strategy of enterprise development, and increased the investment in service business. According to the "4S" service concept, we have arranged 12 service stations in the places where the domestic industry is relatively concentrated, including Ordos service station, Cangzhou service station, Zibo service station, and so on Shenyang service station, Nanjing Service Station, Quanzhou service station, Zhanjiang service station, Chengdu service station, Chenzhou service station, central station (Nanyang station), Xinjiang service station (under construction) and Taiyuan service station (under construction). The operation of these service stations shortens the distance with customers, improves the service connotation and improves the response speed; Have the qualification of explosion-proof electrical equipment installation and repair.

    Guarantee operation
    Trouble shooting
    Regular maintenance
    Engineering installation
    Equipment transformation