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  • Product Center - Special motor for coal mine
    Company Profiles
    Technical Characteristics
    Product features
    Application industry
    Operating conditions
    Company Profiles

    The three-phase asynchronous motor for conveyor is a special motor for driving the flexible scraper conveyor, belt conveyor or other equipment in the underground mining face of coal mine. Its design adopts British Morley technology to provide customers with high-quality coal special motor made in China with European process design.

    Technical Characteristics
    Product series:
    Power Range:
    Single speed 4kW~2000kW; Double speed 110/55kW~1000/500kW
    Voltage Range:
    Single speed 2~12P,Double speed 4/6P、4/8P
    Protection Degree:
    Cooling Methods:
    Explosion proof type:
    Ex d I Mb
    Product features

    This series of motors have a series of advantages, such as high efficiency, high locked rotor torque, high reliability, low locked rotor current, strong overload capacity, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance, etc.

    Application industry
    Operating conditions

    Ambient air temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃(AC), temperature 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃(WC)altitude ≤ 1000m, indoor (standard configuration, optional)