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  • Product Center - Drive control
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    Company Profiles

    The shore based variable frequency power supply product can convert the power frequency mains power supply of the port into the power supply voltage and frequency required by ships approaching the port, and realize undisturbed power transmission to the ship power supply system. The ship can turn off its own auxiliary generator to realize the use of port power supply. It solves the emission of harmful substances caused by the combustion of heavy oil by ship generators, and greatly improves the air quality in the port area. The offshore air pollution caused by ship berthing has been eliminated.

    Technical Characteristics
    Rated capacity:
    Input Voltage:
    Input Frequency:
    Output Voltage:
    Output Frequency:
    Cabinet / Fixed Container / Removable Container
    Product features

    Safe, reliable and convenient access to the ship, with various protections such as phase loss, short circuit and interlocking, and reliable and safe power supply; Wide voltage and frequency regulation range, stable voltage and frequency output; No harmonic interference to onshore power grid and ship internal power grid; Adapt to the harsh environment such as high temperature, high humidity and high corrosion of the wharf; Convenient installation and handling; Seamless switching of shore ship power supply.

    Application industry