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  • Product Center - Drive control
    Company Profiles
    Technical Characteristics
    Product features
    Application industry
    Operating conditions
    Company Profiles

    VFS series medium voltage soft starter product adopts ‘step frequency conversion and stepless voltage regulating’ patent technology, aiming at solving the problems of electric shock and mechanical shock during the starting process of large-power medium voltage synchronous motor and asynchronous motor. The equipment uses medium voltage thyristor series technology and digital control technology with perfect motor protection function, it is a new generation of high-tech medium voltage motor soft starting device, has been awarded patent for invention by China,USA,Japan and Israel.The product includes standard type and flameproof type.

    Technical Characteristics
    Product series:
    Rated voltage:
    Rated power:
    Overload capacity:
    Adaptive motor:
    Three phase AC synchronous motor or asynchronous motor
    Explosion proof type:
    standard type, explosion-proof type
    Product features

    1. The use of stepped variable frequency starting technology can achieve truly smooth and 

        shock-free starting.

    2. The thyristor adopts light trigger technology, anti-interference and high safety.

    3. The thyristor has BOD protection, thyristor self-checking and other functions, and the 

        overall reliability of the equipment is high.

    4. The soft start control part is equipped with perfect motor protection function and line 

        protection function.

    5. With multiple types of communication interfaces, it is easy for equipment control to be 


    6. The equipment has a compact structure and is convenient for users to use.