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  • Product Center - Drive control
    Company Profiles
    Technical Characteristics
    Product features
    Application industry
    Operating conditions
    Company Profiles

    MVC series medium voltage variable frequency drive adopts AC-DC-AC voltage source type solution and multilevel topology, using sensorless vector control technology as control method, it is suitable for high and medium voltage AC motor and  has no special requirementsfor the motors. The product is of perfect no-harmonic design by adopting phase shifting rectifier technology, which is very friendly to the power grid, power factor reaching above 0.95. RMVC series variable frequency drive uses dry metallized film capacitors of long life and maintenance free. Air cooling and water cooling both available, meeting needs of differentrequirements on site . The equipment is tested and certified by TUV Rheinland, Exports to 35 countries and regions in the world.

    Technical Characteristics
    Product series:
    RMVC5000 series、RMVC5100 series
    Rated Capacity:
    Input Voltage:
    Input Frequency:
    50 Hz、60Hz
    Output Voltage:
    Control mode:
    V / F or vector control
    Output Frequency:
    Requirements for motor:
    AC synchronous machine / asynchronous
    Cabinet / Fixed Container / Removable Container
    Product features

    AC-DC-AC voltage source scheme is adopted, multi-level topology is adopted, and multiple rectification technology is adopted at the grid side, which is friendly to the power grid, perfect harmonic free design, and the power factor can reach more than 0.95; The whole series adopts dry metallized film capacitors with long service life and maintenance free.