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  • Product Center - Low voltage asynchronous motor
    Company Profiles
    Technical Characteristics
    Product features
    Application industry
    Operating conditions
    Company Profiles

    The design complies with domestic and international standards, and the efficiency complies with Class 3 in the national standard gb18613-2020. Explosion proof products have obtained domestic explosion-proof certification, energy efficiency certification, CCC certification, international IECEx certification, ATEX certification, cutr certification, etc., and have strong domestic and international competitiveness.

    Technical Characteristics
    Domestic explosion proof certification:
    Ex d I Mb,Ex d IIB T4 Gb,Ex d IIC T4 Gb or None
    European explosion proof certification:
    IEC EX Explosion proof certification; ATEX Explosion proof certification
    Frame Size:
    Power Range:
    50Hz 60Hz
    Efficiency level:
    IE3 Efficiency
    Protection Degree:
    Cooling Methods:
    IC410 IC411
    IMB3、IMB35、IMB5、IMV1 etc.
    Product features

    Low voltage high efficiency ie3 three-phase asynchronous motor (explosion-proof YBX3 wex3 non explosion-proof ye4 we4) is a new and efficient upgraded product independently developed by Wolong Electric Drive Group. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, low loss, low noise, low vibration, safety, reliability and convenient maintenance. 

    Operating conditions

    It is mainly applicable to petroleum, chemical industry, oil and gas, metallurgy, electric power, underground coal mines and other places with explosive gas in China and Europe. It is used to drive fans, water pumps, compressors, centrifuges, mixers, transportation machinery and other driving equipment.