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  • The cause of high temperature of sliding bearing
    Service support - Product "Three Guarantees service" - Common fault handling

    In addition to the installation alignment reasons, there may be the following reasons:

    (1) The lubricating oil level is lower than required. From the oil window, the oil mark is less than 1/2 of the window.

    (2) Lubricating oil grade problem. There are many kinds of lubricating oil, and the choice of lubricating oil grade (viscosity) is not appropriate.

    (3) Lubricating oil is dirty, mixed with impurities and metamorphic.

    (4) Bearing platform and bearing bush wear.

    (5) The mating clearance between the bearing platform and the bearing bush is not appropriate.

    (6) Poor opening of the oil sac affects the flow of oil and the formation of oil film.

    (7) Poor cooling causes heating of sliding bearing.

    Self-lubricating sliding bearings generally rely on the heat dissipation of the bearing shell. If the heat dissipation bars of the shell are damaged or the heat dissipation conditions become worse, the bearing temperature will increase. Bearing cooled by cooling water pipe can also be overheated due to the influence of cooling water temperature and water quantity. If the water quality of cooling water is not clean, it can also be overheated because the cooling pipe is blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to pay frequent attention to the changes in cooling and heat dissipation conditions, pay attention to clean water quality and dredge or replace blocked water pipes.